From Admission to Certification: The End-to-End Academic Management Solution

Simplify and revolutionize administrative tasks in your institution with ease


Are you tired of spending hours on end managing administrative tasks in your educational institution? Our comprehensive student academic management system handles everything from admission management to generating certificates, making your job easier and more efficient. With just a few clicks, you can monitor student records, attendance, grades, and much more. Our system is designed to save you time and increase efficiency, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – educating the next generation of leaders. 

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Effortless Administrative Management is with In Your Reach

Admission Management

Admission Management

Simplify the admission process and streamline your administrative tasks with our admission management system.

    Attendance Management

Attendance Management

Monitor student and employee attendance seamlessly with automated attendance management system.

Timetable Management

Timetable Management

Our timetable management feature enables you to create and manage schedules with ease and accuracy.

All-in-one Academic ERP to Digitalize Your Institution

Efficiently manage administration, academics, and finances with ease

Human Resource Management


ID Card Generator

Accounting Tool

Data Storage Management

Employee Performance Management

Student Records Management

Online Assessments

Reporting and Analytics

Empower Your HR Team with Our Streamlined Solution

Streamline your HR tasks and free up valuable time for more strategic work

From employee record-keeping to payroll management, there are a variety of tasks that HR professionals need to complete on a regular basis. With Oogyy, you don’t have to worry about any of those operations.  

With our Academic Management System, HR professionals can easily manage employee data, attendance, and leaves, automate routine tasks, and generate reports easily, providing a comprehensive solution that reduces administrative burden. In addition, our system ensures data accuracy and security, reducing the risk of errors and data breaches. 

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Streamline Your Administrative Workflow with Ease

Simplify your Academic Management with automated and customizable features

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With Oogyy’s Academic Management System, institutions can save time, reduce errors, improve efficiency, and enhance data security and accuracy. Plus, our customizable and user-friendly platform can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each institution. Simplify your administrative tasks and streamline multiple workflows with one comprehensive solution. 

Our solution offers a range of features to meet the needs of educational institutions, including: 

  • Monitor student progress and grades throughout the academic year 
  • Collect and manage fees with ease and accuracy 
  • Manage certification and licensing processes with automated workflows 
  • Track employee attendance and absences 
  • Automate payroll processing and manage employee salaries  
  • Analyze and assess student performance with customizable reports 

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