All-in-one Accounting Software

Automate workflows, skip manual data entry, record day-to-day financial transactions, explore easy invoicing & increase efficiency with Oogyy.
Oogyy enables you to automate the entire accounting process, allowing you to spend time on tasks that matter. Create more invoices, manage monetary transactions, record expenses, keep track of your accounting reports and manage every need of your school on a single platform.
Best Accounting software for school

Effortless Accounting,
Anytime, Anywhere

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Oogyy’s accounting features are designed  to make life easier for institutes – anywhere, any time. Keep things running smoothly, keep your documents organized and make compliance easy.

Automate and integrate accounting functions with advanced accounting modules

Accounting software for schools

Tracking the cash flow and expenses is important to ensure that your school keeps running efficiently. Oogyy offers a helpful tool to automate the finance management of your institute and brings together the academic, administrative, and monetary elements within a user-friendly UI to reduce costly mistakes.

Why Choose Oogyy?

Oogyy can not only help you reduce human errors, but it can help you gain insights into your institution’s operations that you couldn’t see in paper forms – such as detailed analytics on your institute, basic billing, purchasing, reconciliation features, and many more. An Ideal accounting software must fulfill the following requirements:

Best Accounting software for school

Access Accounting Data Whenever You Need

Best Accounting software for school

Save Time with Automation

Best Accounting software for school

Improved Accounting Accuracy

Best Accounting software for school

Reduce Paperwork

Best Accounting software for school

Improved Security

Best Accounting software for school

Flexible Billing

Why Accounting Software is Useful
for your Institution

Higher productivity: Oogyy’s accounting software can help you to boost the productivity of your institution. . .

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