When you’re looking for the best hybrid classroom tools for schools and colleges, you need something that helps to merge visual thinking with teaching and gives access to drawing tools, flowchart elements, and seamless integration with various other tools. Luckily for you, Oogyy has it all and more. Oogyy’s digital whiteboard tool helps you to innovate ideas and solve complex problems together. With a low learning curve and an intuitive interface, Oogyy’s whiteboard for teaching can help you easily brainstorm, sketch and design in seconds. 
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Build collaborative online experiences with our digital whiteboard software 

Digital Whiteboard Software
Physical spaces are no longer enough to accomplish teaching goals anymore. When you choose Oogyy, you get more than just an online whiteboard tool. Whether you’re teaching a class or documenting a meeting, the possibilities for using our digital whiteboard are endless. 
  • Import documents, videos, 2D & 3D media for a variety of purposes, such as brainstorming sessions, project planning, and virtual class sessions.
  • Eliminate the need for physical whiteboards and markers, saving time and resources for both staff and institution.
  • Visually represent ideas and concepts and enhance creativity to aid in problem-solving
  • Share ideas and information quickly and clearly and improve communication between teachers and students.

More Than Just an Online Whiteboard Tool 

Visualize, share ideas, and video conference all in one place   

Get everyone in the class to participate, engage, share and collaborate, even with students who tend to be shy in physical classrooms, and create an environment where everyone is comfortable to participate and share.
With Oogyy, teachers and students will feel like they’re collaborating in the same room—even when they’re sitting across in different remote locations. Moreover, students can use the chatroom tool to communicate directly with educators or converse with other students. 

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whiteboard software For Teaching

Collaborate in real-time 

Best Whiteboard Software For Schools and Colleges

Customize with unique elements & graphics  

Best whiteboard software

Visualize your data using charts & graphs 

Digital Whiteboard Software

Royalty-free library of images 

whiteboard software For Teaching

Write and draw using a mouse or trackpad 

Best Whiteboard Software For Schools and Colleges

Save time by reusing whiteboards 

How Oogyy whiteboard is leading the change in the education sector

Holding students’ attention during classes is the biggest challenge faced by the education system. The swarm of high-speed internet gadgets affects young minds, lowering their attention span to a……

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