Taking Coaching Institute Management Software to the Next Level 

Oogyy presents a comprehensive yet simple coaching class management ERP software for coaching centres. 

Schools and colleges are not the only places where individuals can learn and polish their skills. If you run a coaching institute, implementing Coaching Institute Management Software would make it much easier and more efficient to administer the integral operations of your institution.

Ooggy’s Coaching Management System is an all-in-one solution and the most efficient Coaching Management System available out there to simplify lengthy processes like student admission management, online live classes, staff management, expense management, and much more. Eliminate the hassle of handling fees, conducting tests, and tracking attendance, and make your life easier as a teacher. 

Experience Coaching Class Management Software Like Never Before 

Improve your efficiency and leverage quality education by using the best Coaching Class Management Software 

Having our tailored coaching management solution increases your presence, aids in the easy management of complex duties, and differentiates you from other competitors. Moreover, it’s easy to understand, flexible to use, will save you a lot of work hours, and make the whole process smooth and organized. 
  • Keep track of all the students’ fees, generate financial reports, maintain financial transparency and create timely auto-generated bills effortlessly. 
  • Instead of taking attendance on physical registers, tutors can monitor the attendance of students and streamline other attendance-related operations in our digital space. 
  • Conduct timely online exams with the help of Exam Planner and automate assessment and evaluation procedures. 

We’re here to help you find the best way to  transform your coaching centre

Improve the overall operational efficiency of coaching centers, create better leads to increase student enrolment, and make it easier for the administration to focus on key areas for better results by developing an online system for your institute. 
Oogyy is the best coaching class management software available right now not only because of the features we offer but also for the dynamic system we provide to manage your coaching institutes. From conducting live classes and unleashing the full potential of your coaching institute, it is simply more efficient and convenient to run a training centre with our intuitive coaching management platform. 

A few reasons why we are the right fit 

Here are some of the features you should ideally look for in a coaching class management software: 

Effortless Administration 

Fee Management System 

Report Generation

Student Admission Management 

Online Chat Integration for Student 

Live Virtual Classroom 

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