Discover how your coaching centre can track, measure, optimize and work smarter with the best education CRM software 
Build a paperless admission process for students, empower your institution to stay ahead of the competition in the industry, and send targeted, relevant, and timely communication to students and staff by adopting and implementing our powerful CRM software system. 
If appropriately leveraged, Oogyy’s best education CRM software can help provide valuable insights and enables the administration to attract, retain and serve students in the best way possible. Optimize your operation, develop strong relationships with your students, bring together the admission department, and grow your enrolments systematically.  
Get Full Control of Your Coaching Institution and Cater to Every Need 
A better way to manage your sales, projects, reports, marketing, and more - on a single platform
Tackling everything from easily managing the admission process in real-time to effectively administering the whole marketing and sales department, the advantages of our coaching class CRM software are vast and many. Fulfill your institution’s vision by increasing admission as well as retention rate and succeed in the educational landscape with state-of-the-art customized software solutions developed to meet all needs of the institution. 
  • Reduce hassle, mistakes, and manual work for your staff. 
  • Improve the quality of leads and conversions and prioritize engagement to drive more enrolments. 
  • Run data-driven, progressive marketing strategies to maximize the ROI from your marketing spending. 
  • Establish communication with students, gain insights into students’ behavior and maintain accurate communication history with detailed reports. 

Explore the limitless possibilities of admission CRM to stay ahead 

Say goodbye to all the out-of-date strategies and allow students and teachers to collaborate to make education more accessible and eliminate the limitations of traditional classrooms. Bring multiple platforms under one roof, manage stages of a student’s academic cycle and provide a comprehensive view of every contact to create tailored communications with prospective and existing students. Moreover, with our coaching class CRM system, you can track and store the data that’s important to your operations all in one easy-to-access place and help coaching centres to cope with the problems of falling revenues and rising expenses. 

Manage daily activities and administrative workload 

Let’s delve deeper into the benefits of using CRM systems for education

Enhance sales team productivity  

Shorten admission cycle span

Improve student retention rates 

Increase revenue  

Enhance sales team productivity  

Boost conversation rates 

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