Get Your Own Coaching or Training App in Minutes  

Create a custom-branded app to deliver your coaching services online. 

In today’s digital age, creating a coaching app with AI features is vital for delivering effective online education, and Oogyy makes it simple to develop a custom app that reflects your brand and teaching style while utilizing advanced AI capabilities. Your app can conduct live classes, manage attendance and fee payments online, communicate with your students through the in-app chat feature, track their progress through analytics, and more. 

With Oogyy’s AI-powered features, you can enhance your students’ learning experience, tailor content to their needs, and automate administrative tasks, allowing you to focus on what you do best – teaching. So why wait?

Build Own app for Coaching Business

Elevate Your Coaching Services with a Personalized Online Space



Develop engaging and interactive courses that cater to the unique needs of your learners.



  Leverage various marketing tools to reach a wider audience and drive more enrollments to your courses.    



Easily monetize your courses and earn revenue by setting up payment gateways and pricing plans.

 Everything You Need in One Place

Seamlessly customize, and launch your online coaching app with our comprehensive toolkit.    

Sales CRM 


Exam Planner  

Video Builder 

Study Material Builder

Website Builder

Form Builder

Presentation Builder

Sell Courses

Boost Revenue

Unlock the Secrets to Increasing Your ROI

From creating and marketing courses to analyzing performance metrics and identifying areas for improvement, our platform offers the resources and a powerful suite of tools that enable you to sell your courses effectively, ultimately increasing revenue and enhancing success.
Don’t leave your profits to chance – unlock your earnings potential and achieve sustainable growth with a custom app.
Coaching App Builder

No Coding or Design Skills Required 

Create your own coaching app without any technical expertise 

Create Your Own Coaching App
Get your own personalized application without writing a single line of code. Oogyy makes it easy for anyone to create a professional-quality coaching app without needing any technical expertise. Whether you want to create an app for a single course or a full coaching program, Oogyy gives you the flexibility and control to build an app that meets your unique needs.  With Oogyy’s intuitive interface and AI capabilities, you can customize and automate your app’s administrative tasks and deliver a personalized learning experience.  
  • Saves time and money on app development 
  • No need to hire a team of designers or developers 
  • A User-friendly interface makes app creation accessible to all 
  • Provides complete control over the design and branding of your app 
  • Instantly publish your app and start reaching more students 

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