Human Resource Management Software

Oogyy’s Human Resource Management Software is loaded with automated features to handle all aspects of HR management, right from staff management and onboarding paperwork to managing employee performance and secure data storage. Calculate payroll, see detailed employee profiles, get effective employee feedback, and manage attendance and student admission in just a few clicks

Best Human Resource Management for Schools
Best Human Resource Management software for Schools
HR Management Software

Why Choose Oogyy?

HR Management Software

Enable educational institutions to replace manual HR methods with automated processes.

Store and access employee details, organizational charts, and more on a secure cloud-based online HR system

Bridge the gap between employees and administration through effective communication

Process salaries, effectively manage staff, take online exams, and evaluate and provide feedback to your employees

Manage your Institution Seamlessly
with our complete HR Solution

Having an internal Human Resource department isn’t always optimal. Now, think about having a state of the art software to streamline HR activities at a price that you can afford. That’s priceless! Reduce cost, limit liability, enhance employee satisfaction, focus on your business and improve the delivery of HR strategies with our HR Solutions.

When you work with Oogyy, you get the best. We provide powerful technology and a dedicated HR platform that can put you in the HR driver’s seat so you can focus on growing your institution. Whether it’s managing performance, maintaining records, reviewing employees, or building employee morale, you can get access to all human resource management services at Oogyy.

Oogyy’s HR Management module integrates with other Oogyy tools, giving educational institutions a powerful platform for collaboration and automation – a single umbrella platform to run educational institutions.

HRM Software

HR Management System

Human Resource Management Software

Payroll Management System

Human Resource Management Software

Leave Management System

Human Resource Management Software

Student Admission Management System

Human Resource Management Software

Policy& Compliance Management System

Human Resource Management Software

Employee Feedback Management System

4 Reasons why HR Management Software
is Essential for the Education Sector

Having the right HR management system will make the work of the HR team much easier and more effective… 

Best Human Resource Management Software

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Human Resource Management Software