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Engaging, Flexible, Hands-on Learning

Standardize workflow, enable students to break the digital barrier, and create an inclusive learning environment to empower students with the best Hybrid Learning Software available. Bridge the gap between physical classes and online experiences through low-cost tablets, smart pens and more. Scribble notes, draw diagrams and solve problems through digital tools, while providing the same hands-on experiences to all students.

Connected Solution Kits to Transform your Classroom

Increase learning productivity and operational efficiency and keep students, educators, and administrators connected with Oogyy's hybrid learning software. Use Oogyy’s ready-to-use hybrid learning kits to transform any physical space into a connected, hybrid classroom. Reliable hardware, software and services enable seamless collaboration and easy management.

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And More...

Packages and tools to simplify hybrid learning

Lesson & Course Planning

Create lesson plans and study material from ready-to-use templates, drag and drop sections from a library of resources and get started with your hybrid class.

Live Video Streaming

Stream your classes live to virtual audiences, record and store sessions for later use, empower students to create unique learning paths, and collect feedback in-person and remotely.

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Getting started with Oogyy is easy-peasy. Download the app, register with your email and phone number, select your use-case, enter some basic details and et voila, Oogyy is ready to power your school, college or institution.

What about the unique requirements of your hybrid classroom? Not a problem, our experts are here to help you set-up, become operational and train your team.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some most common questions from customers.

The hybrid learning tools of Oogyy collectively deliver an immersive, hands-on experience, readily transforming any class into an advanced learning center.

Students can enjoy the freedom to learn even if they missed an online session with Oogyy's offline class recordings. Oogyy supports self-paced learning for different learning styles, creating unique learning paths for students.

The study material library contains ready-to-use images, videos, and learning content. Teachers and content creators can add videos and presentations created with Oogyy's video and presentation builder and save them to the study material library. This creates a developing asset of learning materials for the respective departments with the option to build over existing material.