Create Form

The form builder is not just limited to information lead management. Its use cases go beyond that. Students can use forms for their school or college projects, internal organizational teams ...

Create Form

Step 1: Go to “Marketing Module”. Step 2: Click “Form Builder“. Step 3:Then click “Create Form “. Step 4: Enter the details such as Form Title, Form Description.

How to add questions in the form

Step 1: You can add multiple questions using “Add” option at the bottom and also you can add multiple option for each questions. Step 2: If you want to ...

How to find the responses

Step 1: Finally you can find the responses in “Response section”. Step 2: Click “Preview” icon to view the response.

How to share the URL links

Step 1: You can share these forms through websites using “URL” and also you can use “Embedded codes” in websites.