Create Form

Oogyy’s Form builder enables you to create customization, Job specific, admission forms and it’s a flexible tool that is capable of creating many types of fillable forms, including surveys, ...

Create Form

Step 1: Go to “Marketing Module”. Step 2: Click “Form Builder“. Step 3:Then click “Create Form “. Step 4: Enter the details such as Form Title, Form Description.

How to add questions in the form

Step 1: You can add multiple questions using “Add” option at the bottom and also you can add multiple option for each questions. Step 2: If you want to ...

How to find the responses

Step 1: Finally you can find the responses in “Response section”. Step 2: Click “Preview” icon to view the response.

How to share the URL links

Step 1: You can share these forms through websites using “URL” and also you can use “Embedded codes” in websites.