Craft educational videos in minutes with the best video-creating software for teachers 
Elevate the learning process by creating captivating instructional videos for online classes and make education fun and engaging with our educational video-making software. You don’t need to be an expert at video editing, nor do you have to outsource your video production ever again. Convey ideas creatively through high-quality educational videos in no time at all.  

More Than Just a Video Maker 

Oogyy offers so much more than just video creation. You will find dedicated tools and services to create educational videos. School administrators can also create and share videos for marketing purposes in a matter of minutes with Oogyy. Moreover, the combination of customizable features and simple yet intuitive editing tools allows you to have student-centered video lessons ready in no time. Oogyy has all the features a basic video builder should have, including the feature to
  • Screen record, edit and save Whiteboard learning sessions  
  • Drag-and-drop 2D & 3D content, videos, and sliders saved in the library to enhance whiteboard learning
  • Screen record presentations and incorporate them into learning sessions and many more. 

Be Creative 

Make educational videos that are both informative and engaging 
Redefine online education and turn audio lessons into visual lectures with our easy-to-edit video builder. Enrich the classroom experience and elevate existing material with interactive elements that let educators explore, analyze, and foster deeper connections with students. Whether you’re looking for a video tool for your marketing team or learning & development team, Oogyy’s video-building software for schools and colleges has the perfect collaboration tools for quality video making. 

Everything You Need from an Online Video Maker 

Record whiteboard sessions and save them in the study library so that students can watch and learn later and save hours. Turn presentations into visual teaching tools and allow students to learn at their own pace. Oogyy features a user-friendly interface to help you create, edit, add intros and outros and combine music to make quality videos in minutes. 

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