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Rev. Dr. Vibin Bernad R

Santhom Malankara Arts & Science College

Our college implemented Oogyy just before the pandemic lockdown. That decision proved worthy when our college effortlessly achieved the University directive to complete three semesters of the curriculum in just a year. Oogyy's excellent academic management tools were of great help in accomplishing this difficult task. The ease and efficiency Oogyy offers in conducting classes is far better than generic meeting platforms like Google Meet

Rev. Dr. Vibin Bernad R

 Santhom Malankara Arts & Science College
Mr Muralidharan Nair

MGM Group of Institutions Trivandrum-Kerala

Online classes have been a major challenge to teachers. Teachers love face to face interactions and responses from their wards. This is missed in online teaching. In a week if a day could be dedicated to purely interactive activities, it will help improve students’ interest in online learning

Mr Muralidharan Nair

Former Principal and Currently the Academic Director

Administration Simplified with E-Manager

Intelligent, customizable, modular, administration solution to manage your school, college or coaching centre end-to-end. Market your institute through digital channels and CRM, track admission and fee payment, manage students, staff and payroll, get organizational analytics, enable communication and more.

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Bridging Physical & Digital Learning with Hybrid Classrooms

Accessible and inclusive EdTech through low-cost tablets, smart pens and more, for improved learning outcomes anywhere and anytime. Educators can now deliver the same quality of lessons and interactions in physical classrooms or virtual environments. Engage students through hands-on digital interactions, empower them to create unique learning paths, encourage participation and collaboration through smart devices, and collect feedback in-person and remotely.

Power-Packed Classes with Learning Management

Set up a learning environment in minutes and onboard students through Oogyy’s intuitive learning interface, on web and mobile. Carry out assessment, manage and track learning goals, attendance and completion. Our platform supports all formats of digital courseware and enables effective teaching through digital whiteboards, live & recorded sessions, and a library of resources.

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Simplify your Workflow and
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Packages and tools to improve your operations

Get more Applications

Use tried and tested marketing tools to improve your brand and reach a wider audience. Create posters from ready-to-use templates, automate your social channels, and track and convert through the CRM.

HR Management

Manage staff and payroll end-to-end, automate admin tasks, provide a channel for feedback, track leaves and approvals, manage policies and compliance and more.

Manage Admissions

Rank applicants based on pre-decided criteria, create groups and lists, create assessments, track approvals, generate student ID after fee payment, restrict applicants based on pending fee or other criteria and more.

Optimize your Operations

Get analytics for your staff performance, financials, operations, learning platform, student progress, and more, visualize them on dashboards, create reports and more.

Track Fee Payments

Send in-app notifications and alerts due-dates, upcoming and pending fees, create SMS/emails from templates and send to specific students and parents, payment gateway integration for online payments and more.

Hybrid Classrooms

Get started with ready-to-use hybrid classroom kits. Transform any physical space into a connected, hybrid classroom through low-cost tablets, smart pens and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some most common questions from customers.

Oogyy makes your school administration super easy with its intelligently designed ERP system. Staff, students, Parents, and School administrators can make effective communication to make the workflow smooth and recorded for transparency and added credibility. Routine tasks can be automated with Oogyy, sparing time for new projects with more value.

Oogyy's academic and HR calendar helps schedule and organize tasks resulting in higher productivity with less stress. Oogyy also helps the efficient distribution of the workload to achieve set team goals.

Oogyy improves the overall productivity of the institute by bringing all school resources to optimum performance and working in harmony. School managers can monitor, gauge and plan the financial track of the institute with clear and precise visual analytics available from the super dashboard.

Oogyy's advanced whiteboard is a cost-effective alternative to a smartboard. It even supports 3D visuals and hands-on interaction providing an immersive learning experience to students. Teachers can evaluate students learning quality and conduct flash class tests, term examinations, and generate e-report cards.